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The Carpathians cover an area of about 209,000 km2 which is home a population of 17 million. The highest peak in the Carpathians is the Gerlach in Slovakia at 2,655 m. The Carpathian range extends from Austria to Serbia, covering most of Slovakia and Romania and parts of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. The Carpathians form a natural bridge between western and eastern Europe for species migration and genetic exchange. They contain some of the most intact ecosystems and are home to a wealth of indigenous species. The Carpathian landscape has largely been shaped by a long tradition of mountain agriculture and sheep farming. Today these traditional occupations are in decline because of economic development and increasing pressures on the natural environment. However, five Carpathian countries have now joined the European Union, which should increase the potential for sustainable development through new environmental policies.

Cooperation on conservation and between protected areas is becoming ever more essential. The network will respond to the need for cooperation and coordination – for example by facilitating thematic exchanges to identify key issues and creating joint instruments. The Carpathian Network of Protected Areas (CNPA) was created in December 2006 as a means of implementing the Carpathian Convention and has increased the potential for cooperation within the massif and with neighbouring mountain areas.


209,000 km2

17 million

Highest peak:
2,655 m
(Gerlachovský štít)

Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Ukraine




International course on sustainable agriculture in wetlands (Czech Republic, 22 – 27 September 2019)

to support implementation of Resolution XIII.19 of the Ramsar Convention – Sustainable agriculture in wetlands This 5-day international course will address the role of wetlands and vegetation cover in the stabilization of the water regime in the landscape as a pre-requisite for sustainable land use. Together we will seek and discuss good examples of wetland use for agricultural production while preserving wetland integrity and sustainability in the long-term. The course will take place in two locations in the Czech Republic – the town of Třeboň which is 150 km south of Prague and at Jagava farm some 80 km north-east of Prague. Topics presented in lectures will be demonstrated in a number of field excursions. One of the excursions will take us to Austria. Who is invited to apply for participation  Government officials, scientists and technicians;  Persons who work in the field of wetlands, agriculture and those interested in sustainable use of natural resources associated with wetlands and shallow water bodies  Fluent in English The course is primarily intended for countries participating in the Carpathian Wetland Initiative. We expect 14-16 participants. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance. The course will be financially supported by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, the participants are responsible to cover their travel expenses (to the Czech Republic and back) and accommodation (ca. 150,-EUR for the whole duration of the course). The accommodation during the course from Sunday 22 September till Friday morning 27 September is arranged by the organisers. Organisers: Ms Libuše Vlasáková, NFP of the Ramsar Convention, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic (libuse.vlasakova@mzp.cz) Ms Martina Eiseltová, NFP of the STRP of the Ramsar Convention, Crop Research Institute (eiseltova@vurv.cz) Deadline for application (please use the application form attached): 10 July 2019 Please send your application form to Ms. Libuše Vlasáková (libuse.vlasakova@mzp.cz

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Little Sydney: Protecting Nature in Europe

More than 300 participants from all over Europe will gather for the “Little Sydney: Protecting Nature in Europe” conference, taking place in Hainburg/Donau-Auen National Park, Austria from 28-31 May 2015.

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Volume 1 Issue1 2014

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BIOREGIO FINAL CONFERENCE 2014/06/12 - 2014/06/13 Poiana Brasov, Romania Dear colleagues and friends, We are pleased to announce our BioREGIO Carpathians project final conference, which will take place in AnaHotels Sport, Poiana Brasov on the 12th and 13th of June 2014. The BioREGIO closure event will be organized back to back with the final event of the UNDP-GEF project “Improving the financial sustainability of the Carpathian System of Protected Areas”.

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